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I am a native Texan currently residing in Shreveport, LA.  My educational background includes a B.S. and M.S. degree from Texas State University and Ph.D. degree from Texas A&M University in the life sciences.  During my professional career, I served as a university professor, researcher, and administrator.   I published over 60 papers in scientific journals for both professional and lay scientists.  I was also involved in the amateur music business as a performer and band leader.  I self-published two books to be used as instructional material in Sunday School Class.   Since retiring as the Associate Dean for the College of Arts and Sciences at Louisiana State University in Shreveport, I have focused on writing.


As a writer, I have written songs, plays, and novels.  As a song writer, I have written a wide variety of types of music including country, oldies, gospel, pop, and Christmas, but I specializes in country and classic rock and roll. Examples of my song lyrics can be heard at  Lyrics to some of some of my recently written songs can be heard in the My Writings section of this website as well as in several videos on Youtube.  As a playwright, I have written both plays and musicals in which I served as composer, lyricist, and book writer.  Scripts for my plays can be found at



Academic Publications:  I published over 60 papers in scientific journals for both professional and lay scientists.  My list of academic publications can be provided upon request.


Plays and Musicals:  The following plays and musicals can be read at https//

            Reapers Eve

            The Case of the Amorous Parson


            Little Doria

            Can’t Bury a Tale

            Club 84

            The Pheasant and the Falcon

            Jingles the Lonely Elf

            Deborah – A Woman of Valor


Books:  I have written the following books.

            Bible History, Lands, and People – self-published for use in a Sunday School Class

            Bridging the Gap Between Science and Religion - self-published for use in a                                     Sunday School Class

            Whispering River – Searching for a publisher


The following are links to my Youtube video channel:









Use the player below to listen to

any of these songs I have recently



1. An Angel Who Came Through Heaven's Door; 2. An Old Man and His Boots; 3. Do You Evert Think of Me; 4. Dumb It Down; 5. Dusty Texas Backroads; 6. El Cabellero Rojo; 7. Hard Hats and Steel Toed Boots; 8. I Need You Lord;  9. I Won't Give My Love to You; 10. If Tomorrow Could Be Yesterday; 11. Life From a Simpler Time; 12. My Country Roots; 13. Never Bet on a Horse You Can't Ride; 14. Texas Fried;15. Thank You My Friends; 16. That Look on Your Face; 17. The Boy on the Street; 18. The Fifties and You; 19. The Island Cure; 20. The Thin Blue Wall; 21. Together We Stand; 22. Warriors Like These; 23. When All Our Honky Tonk Heroes Are Gone; 24. Don't Look Back; 25. Prince of Fools

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