I am a songwriter and performer with more than 30 years of experience in the music and entertainment business as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist in a band and as an individual performer. Examples of my singing can be heard at reverbnation.com/daltongossett.  Some of my recently written songs can be heard in the My Songs section of this website. Although my major efforts now center around song writing,  I can provide a vibrant and entertaining vocal performance while playing a guitar and accompanied by digitally recorded background tracks. While I may be listed as a solo performer or one-man band, my performances have the sound and sensation of a full band or orchestra complete with vocal harmony and background singers. I can write and perform a wide variety of types of music including country, oldies, gospel, pop, and Christmas, but I specializes in country and classic rock and roll. 

      I am a native Texan currently residing in Shreveport, LA. Like many performers, my early musical performances centered around singing in church, but my professional music career began in South Carolina where I formed a country/bluegrass band (The Dalton Gang) in which I was the lead singer and played rhythm guitar. The band played throughout central South Carolina until I moved to Louisiana. I continued to occasionally sit in with various local groups but did not form a new band. With the latest advances in digital technology, I began to focus more on song writing and  discovered that I could offer high quality, professional music without having to hire a complete band.